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Happy 31st Birthday Kate Middleton! Can’t wait to see the Royal Baby! Have fun and take care! :)
Top 10 fashion trends 2013… I kinda of agree! :) Hope I can master one or two…

Christian Louboutin Boots Boost a Very Stylish Winter!

Christian Louboutin boots this winter has attracted a lot of attention from fashion insiders – there are plenty of styles and colors and fabrics used. You can find proper shoes for any special occasions…

Manarola, Italy
Use Strawberry as microdermabrasion + lemon & yogurt as fruit acid peel - marvelous home made skin care!

Amalfi at Amalfi Coast - Italy, really beautiful… also around low season not too many tourists, more peaceful than summer :)

(Source: wherehotelsare.com)

Elegant collar?  Yes - Beautiful cascade down the mirrored surface of a substantial collar… almost fits anything…
Beautiful Amalfi Coast!